Automated Welding Systems &mdash LAWS 800

Typical Applications

  • Compressor Blades LPC, IPC & HPC
  • Compressor Impellers, BLISK / IBR (integrated bladed rotors)
  • Turbine Blades HPT, IPT & LPT

The LAWS 800&trade is the culmination of 20 years of aerospace welding of turbine components, from the thinnest component edge under 0.010&rdquo (0.254 mm), to flight engine CF6 HP Nozzle. The LAWS 800&trade is a powerful PC based welding system that can incorporate 2D & 3D robotic vision technologies for adaptive motion feedback control.

For ease of maintenance and module installation, all access panels are conveniently located in the front and back of our LAWS 800&trade system. Slide out flat mount electrical and modular access drawers in the front and one access panel in the back.

The LAWS 800&trade is an interchangeable modular solution for clients who require process and application shifts of component parts. The ability to change over to alternative processes is available for production configurations. In conjunction with Liburdi Robotic Controller&trade (LRC), LAWS delivers the only system with root architecture designed specifically for welding gas turbine components. Our flexible automation platform and renowned software can be configured for laser, GTAW or plasma.

Our Touch Pendant Controller was designed to program all aspects of welding from laser, plasma or GTAW power sources and to program the vision and motion control for path generation.

Download Datasheet: LAWS 800 Brochure

LAWS 800 &mdash Co-ordinated motion gantry system